When I first began working with 3D modelling programs like 3DS Max, I had the desire to create a full-scale and detailed 3D environment. As I was new to modelling, I tried to utilize as many simple shapes as possible, creating more complex shapes out of many basic ones. I decided that a high-end, modern design would work well with what I had learned to that point, and my love of bold colors and retro aesthetic blended well with the shapes I created. I had a definite and clear vision of how I imagined the room would look, were I given the opportunity to decorate a unique and contemporary loft/apartment. I feel that I met my expectations for the space, and I was very glad to exercise my interior design skill, something I spent years refining but have not had the opportunity to use often lately. 

Of course, the art hanging on the walls and used for certain materials are not my own; they are simply there as placeholders that represent the type of art a finished, fully-rendered version of this room would display/incorporate. As this was en exercise in 3D modelling, and, at the time, I did not have an extensive about of time to dedicate to creating my own digital art, nor the experience necessary to create the type of art I desired, I utilized temporary artwork. The photos within the picture frames, however, are mine.

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