This digital mural was commissioned by Walmart and Now Art, a Los Angeles-based public art and design agency, for the Walmart in Ottawa, Illinois. Through research on Ottawa's history, natural geography, and local flora and fauna, I was able to pick elements that felt representative of the area, as well as meet some requests about what to include. Two versions are seen here, the first version (left), being the initial design, and the second (right), being the final design with some requested changes.
Ottawa has abundant natural beauty and sits at the convergence of the Illinois River and Fox River, which is the pattern that weaves across the piece in the background of the first version. Ottawa also has two incredible state parks, Buffalo Rock State Park and Starved Rock State Park. The chosen rock formation and waterfall represent Starved Rock, and Buffalo Rock is represented by the binoculars used frequently for bird watching there (especially eagles) and the three bison that call the park home. Another popular attraction, Skydive Chicago, is also proudly on display.
This mural was created using Adobe Fresco with some minor Adobe Illustrator elements in vector format to be scaled up, printed on adhesive vinyl, and installed on a wall near the front of the Ottawa, IL Walmart. It is currently awaiting installment.

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