This is a rough cut for a title sequence for Alex Garland's 2018 film Annihilation. While learning Adobe After Effects, I experimented with video editing and created this. I shot all of the footage myself, many of them extreme close ups of household objects. The music featured is an extended and looped version of "The Alien" from the film's soundtrack. 

Due to my computer's limitations, I was unable to watch it back in real time while I was editing, so I think the final cut will need to be cleaned up some before I am officially content with it. However, as a first venture into editing footage in After Effects, I am pleased with the results. 

I find the film to be incredibly inspiring as a creator. The perfect combination of color, fantasy, science fiction, dread, and psychological horror is phenomenal, and I hope that some of the film's themes, its tone, and its aesthetics are visible in this project.

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