NewNe (New Neon) is a typeface/font that I created while studying typography. I have always been fascinated by neon lights and love their aesthetic. I am always drawn to them and admire them whenever I see them. When deciding to create a font, several ideas of themes to base the letter forms on came to mind, but the idea of broken letter forms, curving yet restricted--like old neon signs--seemed the most intriguing. NewNe comes in two styles, Regular and Black, the latter encasing the letters in a black rectangle as if the neon letters were affixed to something physical and grounded, perhaps a metal sheet or a brick wall. I liked the idea of working with negative space, so in the "Black" version of the font, the surrounding color block is what can be changed by designers, while the letter forms themselves are dependent on what lies behind. Because of the nature of these two versions, NewNe Regular can be placed behind NewNe Black to change the color of the neon and maintain the color block, as shown above. To showcase the font, I created a large poster (which was printed and displayed) and four double-sided postcards in a series I titled "The New Cities of Light," which show cities around the world that are known to use a large amount of neon lighting. The photos used are not my own but are copyright free and are simply intended to show the typeface/font in action.

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